One of the things people ask me is will H.I.I.T help me burn fat and lose weight. The answer is YES .....and no. YES it will help you burn fat BUT if you do not have a proper nutrition plan then no it will not help you lose weight...NOTHING will. Sorry folks but proper nutrition and smart exercise go hand and hand. That is the bad news. The good news is we are going to help you and it is easier than you may think..

First off NEVER mention the word Diet around me!!

A) They don't work because they set you up to fail


2) Eating is a part of life you should enjoy!

I want you to eat BUT I want you to make smart choices . I want to show you how to eat so you are not reliant on ordering someone else's pre packaged food.Or some new fad diet that only consists eating foods that begin with the letter G like grapefruits, gizzards and garbanzo beans.Or some other nonsense diet that only lets you eat one food group the rest of your life. The problem is the second you stop the weight comes back on and you feel depressed, like YOU failed. Many times the depression or " failure" you are experiencing leads to even more weight put back on than when you started the "diet " in the first place.

But before I tell you what to eat I am going to tell you what NOT to eat.

1)No Sugars

2) Lose the whites! We are talking breads, sugars, white rice, and potatoes. You can substitute 100% whole wheat breads, stevia instead of artificial sweeteners, brown rice and sweet potato.

3) Lose the sodas!! Diet ones too. Yes although the diet ones have less or zero calories they have chemicals that can dehydrate you and inhibit raising your metabolism. No sugary artificial fruit juices either.

4) Must I state the obvious? Ok I will. No cakes, cookies, ice cream, fried foods or any junk like that. I don't care if it is fat free with the newest lab produced chemical to take the place of sugar. It will bog down your cells and slow down your metabolism. Lets use common sense here folks.

Ok now the good part of what you can eat . I want you to eat 5-6 times a day of moderate meals and/or snacks for six days rather than having three major meals. We want to try and eat every 2-3 hours. This plan helps to maintain the energy levels by avoiding insulin spikes associated with large meals.The reason is small meals keep your body furnace revving high. If your body knows it is going to eat again it will not be as likely to store foods as fat . It will use them as fuel. It also gives your body the fuel it needs to keep your cells revving so it can burn fat. Sound harsh so far? No it doesn't. Look at all the food you get to eat so you don't ever really feel hungry . PLUS wait on the 7th day you get a surprise. Keep reading.

Your meals should consist of healthy foods and consist of a fist-sized portion of proteins and  good carbohydrates, at least 2 portions of vegetables, and consume 8-10 glasses of water daily. Protein foods can include items such as lean meat, poultry, egg whites, cottage cheese, or fish. Carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes, brown rice are good choices. A tablespoon of healthy oils are also recommended, such as flax seed oil. I actually made a list of recommended foods below.

Some of you are asking "Scott have you been sparring with out head gear again? I can't eat 5-6 meals a day who has the time or stomach for that?"

Yes I get it. So I recommend 2-3 small to moderate meals, 1-2 protein shakes and 1 -2 snacks of fruits,vegetables almonds or walnuts ( raw kind) or maybe some hummus.

The protein shake I use is an all natural one called About Time. I swear by it because it is the only one I know that is all natural cost friendly and really tastes awesome! I actually crave it and use it as a breakfast meal and mid day meal pick me up. It is the only protein shake I recommend and I have not had 1 single client turn away from it. Click here to read more about it and order it.

Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. this has a 2 pronged effect. It keeps you hydrated which in turn keeps your cells operating in full throttle which keeps your metabolism high AND it also keeps you feeling full so you have less cravings.

Ok here is the surprise. On the seventh day, you can take a break -- free to eat anything you want !!!!!!!!!!! I mean ANYTHING!! That's right you want chocolate cake? Go ahead. Pizza you ask? Yup. Ice cream? Calzone, Chinese food, French fries? Yes, Yes and ummm....YES!!! I call this my cheat day. Hey if you deprive yourself of these foods to long you are going to quit and again "fail". We have to live. What are your goals to never enjoy your favorite foods again? To starve? NO!! If you follow the H.I.I.T workout and this nutrition plan your metabolism will not slow down one bit for this one day. Your body won't hold it. You will also be fixing your cravings so you can get through the week easier. Just make sure you keep the same day each week and try to end it about 8pm. I make mine Sunday but that is me you can make yours any day you want. Remember this whole system is based on enjoying your life, your quality of life. It is set up to let you enjoy things more to empower you. Not like other programs that set you up to fail and make you feel worse than when you started.

My plan includes 5-6 small meals so you dont have to starve yourself. . Eating six meals a day creates a "metabolic environment" that supports your energy and muscle metabolism, while helping you burn body fat. You have to loose weight but not the flavor, so you dont actually have to give up particular food items. .

I even want you to take this day to rest and not hit the gym at all. It is good for your body to give your muscles time to recover . Then when you are fresh again Let's Hit It and hit it hard!!